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A Career In Cognitive Robotics

Interested in an internship in a leading unsupervised
cognitive computing company? Let us know!

Loop AI Group is currently looking for interns to work in our talented, creative team that is distributed across Europe and Silicon Valley in the US. 


In this global team, the work is done on remote, and therefore, we are looking for self-starters who work at their own pace and with their preferred strategies to achieve great, timely results. 

Interested in rolling your sleeves to radically change how cognitive robots can autonomously learn, understand and work in the human world?

If you are passionate about cognitive computing, machine learning, and deep learning, and you're interested in joining the team at Loop AI Group, please: 

  1. tell us in the message field with a few words, why you would like to work on unsupervised cognitive robotics;

  2. what technical talent makes you a future data science rockstar;

  3. add a link to your online Resume/CV in the message field; 

  4. and submit the application below!

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