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The 3rd Edition 2022 of Loop Q PRIZE

The Loop Q PRIZE is an annual university competition dedicated to the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing. It was created to inspire students to innovate, try out and create solutions for intelligent automation and AI for Good.
The 3rd Edition 2022, is open to African and European university students. Read more information on the FAQ pages and join the challenge!

This year, the goal of the Loop Q PRIZE is to innovate AI and ML solutions to a globally significant problem.

The Loop Q PRIZE will convene and inspire skilled university students and innovators to focus their talents on accelerating the intelligent automation, AI and ML. As they are the Future of Work, they can actively help organizations embrace and scale automation, be change makers, and maximize their positive impact on the world. Register on this website and join the challenge!


The Loop Q Prize

The Advisory Panel Members 2022


Claire Matuka

Country Representative - Kenya at  Pan-African Tech Foundation

Claire is an experienced Data Scientist and Mentor who serves as the Kenya Representative at Pan-African Tech Foundation and as Global AI Ambassador at SwissCognitive. Previously, she worked as co-founder and CEO at AI Centre of Excellence in Nairobi. Claire has a strong background in Statistics and hands-on experience in the implementation of various AI and Data Science techniques to benefit businesses. She looks forward to having AI spearhead a technological revolution across the world. 

Davide Casleggio
Laura Grassi_foto_edited.jpg

Laura Grassi, PhD

Head of Fintech and Insurtech Observatory

at Politecnico di Milano

Laura Grassi, PhD, is the Head of the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory at the Politecnico di Milano. She is engaged in research and in stimulating digital innovation in the Italian financial industry, by collaborating with leading financial institutions, startups and public administration. Laura is also Assistant Professor of Investment Banking and Director of the Executive MBA evening at MIP Graduate School of Business.


Alessandro Promutico, PhD

Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at Findomestic Banca

Alessando has over 15 years’ experience within the financial industry, from several business lines and countries such as France and USA. He has an MBA and he has studied, for example, at MIT Sloan School of Management, University of Rome Tor Vergata, IE Business School, and The Wharton School. Alessandro is also an early stage investor and founders advisor. His expertise include Innovative Business Models, BlockChain, Fintech and Experience Design.


Davide Casaleggio


at Casaleggio Associati

Davide Casaleggio is CEO and partner of Casaleggio Associati and president and founder of the Rousseau Association that was the direct democracy platform of the 5 Star Movement. Davide has developed sectoral researches and he constantly holds lectures and seminars. In particular, he deals with AI, Blockchain and issues related to the 4th industrial revolution. He is the curator of E-commerce research in Italy and author of several books. He is also co-founder of a new benefit corporation Camelot.

Kent Thorén, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management 

at Stockholm Business School

Kent has been working over twenty years as Strategy and Innovation Advisor, Board Member, and Strategy Consultant in many business organizations. Currently, he serves as ​Assistant Professor of Management at Stockholm Business School. Also, after completing his PhD, Kent is continuing research at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Visit Kent’s LinkedIn page to watch his presentations on Digital Transformation.

Andrea Pitrone

Chief Customer Success Officer at

Loop AI Group

Andrea Pitrone is an experienced director with Customer Success responsibilities at a global level. Previously, he worked for over 11 years as Senior Project Manager at Accenture in Riyad and Milan. Andrea holds an M.Sc. Electrical Engineering degree from University of Catania (Italy) and he is also a member of Permanent Scientific Committee of Bemycompany Venture Incubator.

Award Ceremony 2021

Andrea Pitrone

From a Traditional Company to a Smart Company with automated workforces

Judging Panel

The Judging Panel Members 2022

Domenico Ursino

Domenico Ursino, PhD

Full Professor

Università Politecnica delle Marche


Dr. Ursino has been studying, researching, and teaching technology for over 22 years. Currently serving as a full professor in the Department of Information Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Marche. His main research areas are artificial intelligence, information systems, folksonomy, social internetworking, and knowledge extraction from neurological data.

adrian bowles

Adrian Bowles, PhD

AI/ Cognitive Analyst, Adviser, Speaker and Writer, 

Founder at STORM Insights


Dr. Bowles has worked at the intersection of advanced technology and business strategy as an academic, practitioner, consultant and industry analyst. He has held executive positions at leading analyst and application development firms, academic appointments in computer science at Drexel University and SUNY-Binghamton, and adjunct faculty positions in the business schools at NYU and Boston College. 


Teemu Sormunen, MSc

Loop Q Prize 2021 Winner,

Data Scientist Trainee

at Wärtsilä

Teemu won the Loop Q PRIZE in 2021. He has a Master’s Degree in Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from Aalto University, Finland. Teemu had his Bachelor’s Degree at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. He has also been studying at the ITAM Mexico and Brno University of Technology. Currently Teemu works at Wärtsilä Corporation, a multinational leader in the marine and energy markets.


Saï Dunoyer, MSc & Eng

ML Engineer at

Loop AI Group Cognitive Computing


Saï Dunoyer holds a M.Sc. of Mathematics in Life Science from the Paris-Sud University and an Engineering Degree from AgroParisTech. Saï became passionate about analyzing high-dimensional data while working in the Human Health sector, analyzing Gene Expression and detecting anomalies in DNA for Personalized Medicine. Lately, Saï has specialized in Natural Language Processing and Cognitive AI.


Alex Mircoli, PhD

Adjunct Professor of

Computer Science at

Università Politecnica delle Marche


Alex Mircoli is the Winner of the 2019 Edition of Loop Q PRIZE. Currently he is doing post-doctoral research on Machine Learning and teaching Computer Science as Adjunct Professor Of Computer Science. His main interest is Natural Language Processing and currently he is working on emotion recognition through facial expression analysis. He is also interested in Big Data Analytics and an enthusiast developer of Business Intelligence solutions.

Patrick Ehlen

Patrick Ehlen, PhD

Chief AI Advisor

Loop AI Group Cognitive Computing

Dr. Ehlen is Chief AI Advisor at Loop AI Group, and on the Advisory Boards for the Digility conference and The Flight Exchange. He has conducted research in AI and machine learning at AT&T Labs, the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) at Stanford University, and Dragon Systems. His work has been awarded 8 US Patents, produced over 50 research publications, and been cited in over 700 scientific papers.

Judging Panel (bottom)

Competition Key Dates

April 26, 2022
April 25, 2022
January 1, 2022
June 14, 2022
June 30, 2022


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