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The Loop Q PRIZE

The Loop Q PRIZE, an annual university competition dedicated to accelerating the fields of Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning, was created to recognize students around the globe who can accelerate organizations' adoption of Intelligent Automation which at scale will benefit their country's competitiveness and GDP. The 2019 edition is open to Italian university students.

Today we hear that Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, and practically all fast-growing companies are Smart Companies using Cognitive Computing and Intelligent Automation at scale for their products and businesses. Traditional organizations can no longer afford to compete with the Smart Companies, and those which are not investing heavily and quickly in automation will not last the next decade.


The more organizations in a country invest in automation, the more the country's GDP will benefit from it. Leading countries who boost cognitive automation at scale could capture an additional 20 to 25 percent in net economic benefits, considering that artificial intelligence has the potential to deliver additional global economic activity of around $13 trillion by 2030 (or about 16 percent higher cumulative GDP compared with today).
The Loop Q PRIZE will convene and inspire skilled university students and innovators to cooperate and focus their talents to accelerate the fields of Cognitive Computing and Intelligent Automation. When these students will enter their new jobs, they can actively help organizations in their country to quickly embrace and scale automation to be a front-runner and maximize the positive impact on the GDP.


The goal of the Loop Q PRIZE is to advance several areas of Cognitive Computing and Intelligent Automation, including knowledge acquisition, natural language understanding, natural language generation, hypotheses generation, predictive analytics, and dialog management. The competition challenges university students to develop novel machine learning approaches to tackle Intelligent Automation problems.



Grand Prize €5.000

And an internship in Silicon Valley*

Second Place Prize



Third Place Prize 


Ambassador Prize


* with paid travel and accommodation expenses


Advisory Panel

Paolo Benanti

Professor of Ethics and Bio-Ethics Pontifical Gregorian University


Franciscan of the Third Order Regular - TOR – targets his research in ethics, bioethics, and ethics of technology. In particular, his studies focus is on innovation management including biotechnology for human improvement and biosecurity, neuroscience and neurotechnology.

Tom Davenport

Distinguished Professor of analytics at Babson, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School, and Boston University.

The best-selling author of "Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines" and "The AI Advantage-How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work". Author of "Beyond Automation".

Davide Casaleggio


Casaleggio Associati

His focus is on helping organizations to stay competitive in the 4th Industrial Revolution adopting transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Author of leading industry market researches including "Artificial Intelligence Business Evolution" and author of various best-selling books.

Alfredo Garibaldi

Analytics & Cognitive Country Leader


Senior advisor for the organization of analytic ecosystems, modernization of Business Intelligence environments as well as definition, plan, and execution of strategic analytics roadmaps.

Rocco Corridoni

Director, Fashion & Retail


His current focus is on helping large enterprises in the Fashion & Retail Market especially in their Omnichannel strategy and Digital Transformation inititives. He has led Lutech Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Practice since 2016.

Andrea Pitrone

Chief Customer Success Officer

Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing

Andrea is a seasoned manager with Customer Success responsibilities at a global level. With his team, he ensures that each client ultimately achieves the tangible results and the benefits designed in the Cognitive Roadmap-a strategic plan to transform a Traditional Company into a Smart Company (an organization with robotic workforces).


Prof. Paolo Benanti

Dataismo, una nuova religione con l'intelligenza artificiale?

Prof. Tom Davenport

The Cognitive Company:

Incremental Present, Transformational Future

Davide Casaleggio

Impatto dell'Intelligenza Artificiale sulla produttività in Italia

Andrea Pitrone

From a Traditional Company to a Smart Company with automated workforces


Judging Panel

Massimo Beccaria, PhD.

Executive Managing Director

Alfa Technologies International


Dr. Beccaria is currently leading the Alfa Technologies International organization. He has a strong track record of coordinating and managing new products/services and technologies in the Pharma sector, and developing strategies at the crossroads of technology, and scientific, and clinical research.

Matteo Cristani, PhD.

Assistant Professor
University of Verona


Dr. Cristani is currently a Researcher at the University of Verona, with research achievements in algebraic logic, formal ontology, artificial intelligence in civil and structural engineering, and artificial intelligence in industry. His studies span from the US to Great Britain and Italy. Dr. Cristani has taken on essential topics such as cybersecurity and produced a plethora of research papers within the perimeters of cognitive computing and artificial thinking.

Patrick Ehlen, PhD.

Chief Scientist

Loop AI Labs

Dr. Ehlen is currently Chief Scientist at Loop AI Labs, and on the Advisory Boards for the Digility conference and The Flight Exchange. He has conducted research in AI and machine learning at AT&T Labs, the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) at Stanford University, and Dragon Systems. His work has been awarded 8 US Patents, produced over 50 research publications, and been cited in over 700 scientific papers.

Domenico Ursino, PhD.

Full Professor

Università Politecnica delle Marche


Dr. Ursino has been studying, researching, and teaching technology for over 22 years. Currently serving as a full professor in the Department of Information Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Marche. His main research areas are artificial intelligence, information systems, folksonomy, social internetworking, and knowledge extraction from neurological data.

Alberto Pirovano

Machine Learning Engineer

Helixa AI


A 2018 Politecnico di Milano graduate, Pirovano is a Machine Learning Engineer with a passion for Deep Learning and AI, with the vertical expertise on NLP, Conversational AI, and graph networks. His current focus is researching and developing new algorithms, exploring new hypotheses, running experiments, validating models, and yielding insights from massive amounts of data.


Competition Key Dates

May 13, 2019
May 8, 2019
March 22, 2019
May 23, 2019
May 27, 2019
June 23, 2019
July 5, 2019



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